Catering industry + Internet Road

Benefitsuser traffic sources
Disadvantagesmembers do not belong to businesses
Can not do precision marketing

Store's own operating difficulties

"Culprit" affecting the rate of turn over in restaurants

Turnover rate = turnover
  • many people point meal, long meal time, waste of labor force
  • Peak time, server response isn’t timely, affect user experience
  • waiting for the meal, affect turn over rate
  • manual order, a single rate of error
  • wait for pay, pay a long wait

Catering business solutions

Buffet meals system flow

Take WeChat as the entrance,Attracting fans simply

Docking WeChat public numbers;
Custom settings Restaurant Menu;
Unique QR code on each table, automatic recognition the customer order postion;
Electronic menu, Illustrated, Good experience
No Paper Menu, Reduce workload;
Automatic follow WeChat public numbers, take every order action become the merchnat attract fans opportunity;
Fans is precision customers;
Consumer Behavior can be used as Customer management data precision.

More people order - combine orders, add dishes

Same table,more people at the same time online order, before commit, system automatically merge order confirm, submit to waiters assistant APP audit.
Additional dishes, based on original order additional dishes own, no need to call the waiter again

PK traditional ordering
traditional ordering

Many people order meal, take a long time
waiters resources occupied
Impact turn over rate
High error rate

Buffet meals system

Customer self-service ordering,reduce staff workload;
Order consolidation function, shorten customer ordering time;
Increase order meal efficiency, turn over rate;

Promotions - decisions own

Display package promotions&recommend dishes info
WeChat public numbers can push promotional info
Can support online purchase to shop consumption

PK Traditional promotion
Traditional promotion

Way: third party platform,waiter told, store propaganda
Disadvantages: The third party platform, high cost and profit;Unable to push activity info independently to client;Customers don’t enter the store, don’t know the activities info;

Buffet meals system promotion

Promotion activity pricing autonomy;Start promotional activities whenever;Low cost, simple background operation;Push sales promotion info to customers, improve the frequency of customers into the restaurant;

Micro payment, Wechat payment, POS payment, cash payment

Many payment methods, avoid customers queuing to pay
Reduce the workload of the staff in the pay link
Increase restaurant turnover rate


  • Order review
  • Partition management
  • Online ordering
  • Add and subtract dishes
  • Respond to customer
  • Pay confirmation
  • Table maintenance

Waiters assistant APP replace traditional equipment, reduce procurement costs at the same time, but also increased the interaction, the settlement attribute,make the entire restaurant operating more orderly.

Business management background
  • Waiters management
  • Table management
  • Menu management
  • Package management
  • Promotion management
  • Order management
  • Customer management
  • Report statistical analysis
  • Store information management
WeChat Ordering system advantage
PK other ordering meal products

saving paper, simplifying the process


1.more cumbersome

2.high cost of equipment

3.the loss of equipment,need waiter payment

4.still need a waiter to order

Meal Order

can order own
no hardware costs and maintenance costs
Get user data
Save labor, save paper
Reduce error rate

WeChat Ordering system

can order own, save labor, save paper


1.high cost of hardware

2.the late maintenance is cumbersome, but also need service charges

3.Pad will be taken away,add food is also call waiter

4.Waiter next to the customer, no private space

Pad electronic menu
PK Market ordering meal products
Market ordering meal products
The single store model, operating statements can not be unified, the headquarters can not monitor branch
Pure ordering function, no promotion function
No report statistics
No customer management function
NO business statistics analysis
Loongjoy WeChat Ordering system
Unified supervision of chain stores, Branch independent operation
Promotion flexible: group purchase, package, recommended dishes
Strong expansion, can expand wechat ordering,wechat reservation etc.
Detailed customer management
Accurate marketing statistical analysis
WeChat Ordering introduce
  • Production process fast, 1 days can be on-line
  • Settlement to the merchant account (to the legal person account)
  • Have multiple sets of industry customized templates for business reference
  • Backstage operation easy, easy to learn and easy to understand
  • Professional technical service support
  • Bandwidth and IDC hosting services
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